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Understandably, you have many questions for us!

Although we may not be able to answer all of your great questions, below are answers to some of the more common ones we receive.

As always, please reach out to us for any additional questions or inquiries you may have.

Thank you very much for caring enough to learn more and be curious about us!

Any vegan or dairy-free options?

Sorry to disappoints you but we currently do not have any vegan or dairy-free offerings. We are, however, cognizant of the trend and demand for these treats and hope to be able to consider offering them down the road.

Do you offer gluten-free treats?

Yes we do, but our gluten-free selections are limited at this time. Our to-die-for macarons(most but not all), dacquoise, and creme brulee are our current gluten-free offerings.

Do you make everything in-house?

Surprisingly and understandably, we receive this question occasionally! Maybe because it's hard for our guests, especially the folks visiting us for the first-time, to believe that all of our beautiful and yummy treats can actually be made in-house! The answer is yes! We pour our hearts and soul into creating each and every treat that you've come to enjoy! It is worth noting, however, that we do source from outside vendors the ingredients we utilize to put together our treats.

What are your future plans?

We would love to be able to transition into a concept that offers high quality brunch menu in addition to our ever-evolving baked goods and desserts! Our community doesn't have one yet(at least the one that we are thinking of!), and we'd love to be able to start one with your support and blessings!

Is your shop a nut-free environment?

We are not a nut-free environment. Our treats may contain some or all of the following common food allergens:

milk, egg, soy, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame.

Do you offer shipping for your treats?

Due to most of our treats being temperature-sensitive, we are unable to ship them via mail at this time. However, we hope to be able to offer shipping for our non temperature-sensitive treats, such as gourmet cookies, in the near future.

Do you do fundraising events?

Yes we do!

If your organization/school wants to work with us to raise funds for your projects/cause, please reach out to us to inquire more. We would donate a percentage of sales toward your projects/cause.

Do you offer custom cakes?

Unfortunately, we do not specialize in custom cakes that require any type of letterings, themes, characters, etc. We do, however, offer a line-up of our popular full-sized cakes which can be utilized for many occasions including birthdays, gatherings, and events. Please review our menu for more details.

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