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We are just like you - an average family of four(Young, Yeremi, Gracen, & Christian) who simply happens to be a small business owner! Guided by our faith in God and not wanting to have those regrets of 'not having tried', we took that leap of faith together in hopes to establish something for ourselves and the very community that our family calls home. We love creating unique yet approachable baked goods and specialty beverages that are

well-balanced with flavor and texture - you can say that we are sort of obsessed with it!

With weekly-rotating menu, you will find anything and everything from macarons, fruit tarts, cakes by the slices, gourmet cookies, and other unique treats that are not only flavorful but also visually appealing.

We think of ourselves as your next-door neighbor and would love nothing more than to be viewed the same by you, so please come knock on our door and get to know us!

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